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Community Scenario
Specially designed scenario that takes place within other game scenarios. Undetermined contestant players. 

High Counsel
The High Counsel Consists of Field Owners. 

Game Play
Any player can petition a contract on ANY player via small monetary contribution. Players are to text/contact the High Counsel to place a contract kill. The counsel will then approve and designate a point value based on the leaderboard. The Counsel will then issue the order via MASS player text. The contract "Issuer" is never revealed.

Contracts can be cashed in at ANY time during ANY game scenario on ANY participating field. If the contract is full-filled the Hit and the Hitman are to report to the Field Owner (High Counsel) to claim their points and record the full-filled contract order. The designated Hit can gain points if He/She kills a participating Hitman in self-defense. 

How To Win & Collect Prizes
To win is simple...be the last player left. Each contract generates $10.00 of which goes into a winner (prize pot). Each High Counsel (Participating Field Owner) will also offer a prize.

How to Participate

Each player pays $50.00 to join the Hitman Community. The entry fee will be evenly disbursed between participating fields. Once a Player is KILLED they are out of the game till its over or they can buy back in at $25.00.