KaBoom Taggers

BOMBS, BOMBS and MORE BOMBS....Max Damage With Little Effort! Not really sure what more we can say!



Smart Battle Base
Weight - 2.5 lbs.


*Health *Ammo *Anomaly *Radiation *Biological Hazard *Explosives *Team Color
The "Battle Base" is a universal device that can perform several scenario functions in the game process. The design of this Base provides the possibility of its mounting on the wall when it is used as a stationary respawn device or teams' bases device. At the same time, a convenient carrying handle allows you to use it as a mobile device.


Explosive Device Simulator
Weight - 2 lbs.

Infrared Indicator - Located In The Center Of Device

Damage Radius - 49 Feet


Laser Tag Grenade "Trinity"
Weight - 0.5 oz.
Height - 4.5 inches
Damage Radius - 65 ft. indoors, 30 ft. outdoors

The device is equipped with six wide-angle IR diodes, two of which are located in the upper part. The Laser Tag Grenade has several different levels of status indication. The body of this grenade is equipped with 6 red LEDs. In the battle mode, they show how much time the player has before an explosion.


Ceberus Claymore Landmine
Weight - 1.3 lbs.
Damage types & Damage Radius - 40 ft.
- Explosion. Killing all nearby players regardless of threat team color. Individual player's statistics will indicate the death from the explosion.
- Shot. The mine produces a series of shots with the maximum damage. The shot uses team color and ID of the player who armed this mine. This means that a mine explosion can be harmless to the members of the player’s team. The owner of Cerberus also improves its individual statistics. Killed players will also have an indication in his statistics that he was killed by the player who armed the mine.

Motion Sensor mode
- Switched off. Saves battery power. Eliminates false activation.
- Switched on. Allows you not to install a real tripwire. It saves time to arm a mine.
In addition to the above parameters, you can set the color of the team and player ID in the admin mode. To do this, simply shoot the IR sensor on the front side. In this case, the color and ID of the mine will be equal the color and ID of the player who shot it.